December 17th, 2003

tony stark has a heart

Highly recommended.

Три дня собирала волю и интеллект в кулак, чтобы написать восторженный отзыв о фильме "Реальная любовь". С моим скудным воображением и ограниченным словарным запасом это невозможно.

Love Actually прекрасен. Collapse )

Ну, и конечно, мой новый герой - Rodrigo Santoro в роли Карла!!!
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tony stark has a heart

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И в продолжение предыдущего поста страшной правдивости результат теста.

You are Sarah! You have been working at your office
for two years, seven months, three days, two
hours and have been in love with Karl for two
years, seven months, three days and an hour and
thirty minutes. You are falling in love, but
afraid to express it to the one you hold
feelings for.
Maybe you should ask him for a drink, and then
maybe after twenty minutes casually slip into
the conversation the fact that you love him
totally and would like to marry him and have
lots of sex and babies.

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